Doctor Stephen Strange


Well, it's a nice attempt but I have to stiffen that bloody collar...

It had a "strange" effect : pure geeks recignized me, and the others looked with surprise, and a few dare to ask who was I.

The costume is so colorful that most of the photographers took shoots...

Btw, I am glad, I have made an unusual costume rarely seen in French conventions...I have to find another Marvel/DC hero to make.

Love you, Doc, enven if you are far from perfect !
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Lazerous Valent you are Doc Strange and I am Tony Edward Stark lolz XD

SorcererSupreme Your costume is wonderful! Glad to see another Dr. Strange cosplayer here on this site!

dukeoffl FINALLY, Another fan of Doctor Strange!

Centaure I did sew the shirt myself. 2 rectngles for the back & front, 2 others for the sleeves, with rounded wrists with elastics...

DoctorStrange I was planning on making my own Doctor Strange Costume, and I was just wondering if you had to buy that shirt or did you make it.