Link and Princess Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



This was our first big REAL cosplay project and it has held in our hearts and memories for many years. We have dumped a lot of money and love into these costumes for many years.


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Link and Princess Zelda


LinkPwnsGanon Though I'm not a Zelda/Link fan, I love how you guys look here! :D You guys are perfect! :D

Sailor_Aly This is so cute!! <3

zizi994 Aww, you do lots of couple cosplays, too! :3 This one's gotta be my fav though. <3

Adlez-AxeL Such a cute couple cosplay <3 nice work!

Kell-chan Man, you guys are just adorable. Too bad I'm on the opposite side of the country! ^_^;

DisneyOtaku11 So, apparently a few people have said this already, but I remember you guys. (I saw you at AnimeNEXT '09/'10.) lol XD You both did a great job on your cosplays, btw. :D

LinkandZelda my new zelda is going well bros making me the bow

redshadows i remember you :D and in that picture we all look satanic lulz but still its nice that you remember me! are you going to comiccon??

PrinzessinZelda I know who you are!! Hehhee, thanks for your comment n_n

Laerai Hi! I remember you guys too! I loved your cosplays and you have such interesting photos! It was great seeing fellow Zelda people there. I even saw (in pictures) that there was a Windwaker Link there, too bad we didn't all run into each other. I see that you went to AnimeNEXT! I'll probably go to that this year (it used to be 15 minutes from my house; now its about 45). Maybe we'll run into each other there!

shadowsage I still need to make earrings too. Do you have any suggestions? =)