Bluucircles as Roxas


Kingdom Hearts II

Cosplayer: Bluucircles
What an intense labor of love and frustration this damned costume is. But dear god is it my favorite of anything I've ever done.

The first version of this costume was done back in April '07 for Anime Boston. Lots of things were really good about it, but there was a ton that could be improved. I enjoyed wearing it nonetheless, but I wouldn't be happy until I fixed it up.

In July '07, I went back and fixed it up for Otakon. All I managed to do was get a new wig, but my god does it look better.

Later in October '07, I once again went back to this costume and fixed up some parts. I sewed black trim onto the sleeves of the white jacket, touched up my arm band, and remade the khaki-colored part of the pants. I also purchased new (but still inaccurate) shoes that were better to wear with the costume than my airwalks. In addition, I also bought blue contacts so I could be as close to 100% perfection as possible.

I'll probably still be fixing and touching up this costume forever. I love you Roxas