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Slayers NEXT



Haha... oh god. This was entirely done for the lolz. I had the crazy idea to do these and somehow roped my friend, Elber-chan, to join me. She makes such a cute little Amelia! Plus we are the right heights, pretty crazy huh?

Anyways, I made both the Amelia and Lina's dresses in a week. The bodices are made out of lycra; the skirts, bows and top trim were made out of casa satin. Pretty much it was a sleeveless Sailor Moon outfit, and we all know I have made my fair share of those! lol. The gloves were dyed to match, but mine seem much lighter in photos. They are pink I swear! The antenna balls are just some St. Patties' day things I found and changed and added our stuff to, oh and LOTS of glitter. The super cute wands were made by Elber-chan and are covered in very large amounts of glitter too.

I think this is the girliest, pinkest, frilli-est, and most glitter-fied costume ever. Sooooo much pink. O.O


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Series Slayers NEXT
Character Lina Inverse
Variant "Otome no Inori" dress


Hebeth hahahah epic! (L)

kuronekoXIII Kawaii

Matsuri/Petra/ Adorable, gorgeus costumes :) I prefer Amelia and Lina ^^