Asahina Mitsuki

Haunted Junction



This costume was made originally for Anime Iowa 2007 however I never got a chance to wear it until Ohayocon 2008, several months later. I made this because I absolutely love Haunted Junction and it was a costume group my sisters & I could all participate in.

It was great fun to make traditional Japanese outfits, actually. I *hated* making the Hakama pants but am very proud how they came out. I was very anxious about them, actually, and they drove me NUTS to make. ^^;

The kimono/yukata/whatever was very simple to make. It's all fashion twill too so it has some stretch to it too. I also was able to reuse my red shoes from my Flute (Violinist of Hamelyn) costume; my very first costume ever! I love those shoes because they're so comfortable and they were *perfect* for this cosplay.

I just wish more people knew what we were from. Honestly, their loss! Haunted Junction FTW!


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Series Haunted Junction
Character Asahina Mitsuki
Variant Miko


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