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My first cosplay. Woot!
It took awhile for my mom to realized that I was serious about doing this, actually making this costume, but I was. We all were.
We used ribbon instead of the fuzzy stuff they show in the manga, because it's easier to work with (and find) and it got the right effect of being different then the rest of it. We all hand sewed the bands, because we tried it with the sewing machine and it was too hard to get close enough to the edge all the way around and also keep the fabric straight the whole time. Those were seriously a pain, but it wasn't too bad because we could work on them anywhere. The armbands and leg band were annoying to wear and would creep down every once in awhile despite the elastic. My leg band didn't even though everyone elses did because I actually safety pinned it to my costume. I didn't do one seam at the top so the top part of it kept flipping down slightly.

After all the fuss with safety pins and clear straps, I decided I highly prefer costumes with STRAPS.

The only thing I didn't get done was the gloves, and it doesn't look that bad without them, but I wish I had gotten them done because it would have looked much better with them.

I really liked this costume, and since I got nice stretchy material it was pretty comfy, considering what this outfit is.

If I wear this again I will..
-Get a wig
-Sew the top x.x
-Make gloves
-Add white around the top of shoes


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