Alois Trancy

Kuroshitsuji 2



I have not watch this anime yet ^ ^; a
Just for a teaser, lucky, most of the materials available
Except for boots, I have not
I use my university uniform ahahahaha

I have complete it ^^
plus my boyfriend as Claude <3
in Nippon Club Hatsuyuki Event, Central Park, Jakarta
and Yamaha Cosplay at JCC

Little fail video:


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Series Kuroshitsuji 2
Character Alois Trancy


Whiteair handsome <3~

Luxe Is that a wig and if so could you please tell me where you got it.

~hellel~ Oh my, those clothes are perfect *__* great job ^^

thefemalenoob Ill be cosplaying Alois in a couple of months. Mind if i ask you where you got, or how you made his coat and vest?

Lycorisa wow you make a great alois ^^