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After Sakuracon 2009, my friend Sumikins and I decided to make these costumes. We both wanted something challenging that would force us to learn new techniques but not something so difficult that would push us over the edge into insanity. These costumes seemed to fit that criteria and, after a year of passive planning, we set off to make them for Sakuracon 2010.

I started with my wig, which was probably the most difficult part of the cosutme. I started off with a Kelly wig from Amphigory and used extensions, glue, hairspray, batting, and felt to make the hair loops. I stranded beads onto wire and wrapped the wire around the hair loops. I sewed the loops onto the wig and wove a vinyl tubing around the loops and through the wig netting for extra stability. The headband is a piece of fabric which is completely hand beaded and sewn onto the wig. The wings were made from large turkey flats which I trimmed down and dyed using a yellow acid dye; they are detachable from the wig for shipping purposes and connect to the wig with medium-weight wire.

The skirt was the first costume piece I actually had to drape so I made myself a dressform specifically for this costume. The illustration shows some pleats in the front of Miaka's skirt and I was focused on getting them right. The skrit is made of peachskin and the crescent/horseshoes are made from a pink brocade, which I satin stitched around the edges and beaded on one side. The loincloth piece attaches directly to the pink skirt and is made from Sumikin's leftover dress fabric which draped beautifully! The red underskirt is a seperate layer which is a really cool stretch..mesh...polySOMETHING.

The shirt is made from a modified pattern and is peachskin with a layer of chiffon over top. The collar is pleated chiffon with an organza interfacing. The overalls are made from very heavy hat interfacing, peachsin, and the same brocade I used on my skirt; they attach to the obi, which is made from a fake dupioni, interfacing, boning, and a really pretty brocade. The necklace is made from beads, wire and wooden pendants which I painted. The sleeves are 14 yards of chiffon (7 of light yellow, 7 of a darker yellow) I hemmed them using a poor-man's serge (zig zag stitch on the edge, trim away) which left me with a very smooth hem but is also fraying slightly along the thread, which is something I need to fix later on. I drew out a pattern for the anklet and made it out of craft foam and velcro.

At Fanime 2010, Krystal and I used our Fushigi Yuugi costumes as our WCS preliminary costumes and used them as our WCS press costumes in Japan. This costume, while not perfect, has so many fantastic memories associated with it that it's very special to me.


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PosiTori Beautiful! I absolutely love this!

Rydia_Union woooooo, so funny, cool and beautiful n_n congrats

Makira This is amazing :D! This is the next costume I have been wanting to do because NO ONE ever does it. You did it wonderfully :D!

OurLadyeofParis Congratulations on WCS, Rynn!!!! Beautiful work from the both of you. :D

DreaM HunteR Beautiful costumes!

Hopie I just heard! Congrats on WCS!! =D