Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly



OMG epic funnies!!!
Didi this costume in a week and my friend Rosy did hers in 5 hours she was up all night before the con finishing the entire outfit!!

unfortunatly these outfits went to waste in Sydney but it was still epic being able to dress up as the dumb dumb of the game!!

Also our skit was just bad......... it hurts, the darkness, don't leave me alone........ oh Mayu you're an idiot!!


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Series Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly
Character Mayu


Kawaii Pocky Oh cute for the both of you! I have this game, love the series. I always forgot which twin was which but I remember I didn't like the one twin because she was always so whiney and ran away a lot in the game. lol >.< I remember, it was the twin with the screwed up leg, damn her. lol