Drizella Tremaine




Wee another dream costume!
This one made in 4 days!
I have been wanting to cosplay Drizella after watching their hilarious antics at Disney World!
I was planning on making this for ALA 09 but it never happened. I barely had it finished. Well almost finished.

What I have done now has only cost me $12!
I need to buy more fabric for the underskirt and her striped bloomers but thats only going to add around $8 more ^^^

Now thats not including the hoop, which I already had (It's my Belle hoop but tied in the front to give it that shape) which cost around $20 and my heat resistant lace front wig that cost me also around $25.
I still need to straighten the wig and style the pigtails into banana curls.


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Series Cinderella
Character Drizella Tremaine
Variant Disney Park Inspired


LKD eBay :) the wig and hoop

tarinalove WHERE did you get a lace front wig for 25$?! ALSO the crinoline?!

MostDecentThing * Favorite * 。 ◕‿◕ 。

YuriHappiny FANTASTIC!!! 8DDDD gah, and with the money you spent....it's AMAZINGGG<333 i'm jealous of your ability, especially as I'm planning on making Anastasia.

TrinityMonkey oh wow, i dont see this character cosplayed often cool! ^_^