Setsuna F. Seiei

Mobile Suit Gundam 00



So, this is probably my last Setsuna cosplay. Well, I've done most of his outfits, so... Actually I might do some casual/art book outfits, but anyway!

I really like the designs of these uniforms, so I really was excited to make this. I made it with what time I had left at the end of summer, and wore it to NYAF 2009.

I drafted all of the patterns and sewed everything. I was really anal about the colors! Warning: buying fabric online is often risky! I had to buy all new fabric in store because the ones I picked out online just weren't right! I wanted very specific contrasts in value and hue for each of the blues, but am happy with the fabrics I found. Boots were poorly altered (since I needed a non-permanent solution O.O )

Anyway, I really like this costume's design, so it was enjoyable to wear! Ah, I love you Setsuna!! <3


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Series Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Character Setsuna F. Seiei
Variant S2 Celestial Being


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