I made nearly everything in the costume. The tunic was rather easy and is made from muslin which is also lined with a darker shade of muslin. The bow was a major pain though. It was originally 3 yards of fabric cut horizontally into three sections making it nine yards total when sewn together. It was then stuffed with cotton filling and double wired the entire way. After massing with the one giant piece for many hours trying to get the thing to keep shape and twist it was finally determined to split it up into the three different pieces again. Two of the pieces were spiraled to get the twisted look in the front and then attached all the way around me. The third section nearly fully forms the bow which stays up on its own. It sometimes gets a little lop sided which is very annoying and then has to be fiddled with for a few minutes twisting in a mirror but then stays rather well the rest of the day.


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Series Naruto
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