Roll Caskett

Mega Man Legends



THIS GAME IS AWESOME. If you haven't played it, you better get to playin'! My favorite Megaman (as well as my boyfriends!) Roll is awesome, and without her, Megaman wouldn't be as awesome as he is!

Wig by Score.


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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 11 years ago
Series Mega Man Legends
Character Roll Caskett


Ryuga_knight I think you just made it look like a video game character came into the real world.

Kazzi Dollfie You are just too, too precious. I love this game, and Roll~ Congrats on the A-kon award, and on your Showcase! This, is what epic is made of. ^ ^ Keep em' comin!

Ryuga_knight Whoa, that is amazing.

zack198 I love costumes like this one great job on the hat!

zack198 can i have one too?

zack198 nice hat

Thumbalina Amazing! Total Fave now :3

Ansatsusama Beautiful work!!! really ^^

Lil Rimi congrats on showcase. this costume in amazing and has inspired me to play megaman as soon as I can find a verson for the DS or PS2.

FyreGothChylde Congrats on the showcase!!

shadownet752 i love nostalgic costumes like this! your roll is very nicely done i especially love the hat. but nothing beats that you actually had a data as well! great job!

Liliana I love your costume, it's perfect!! Adorable too, you really suit Roll! ^^ Congrats on the showcase!!

Flipster Incredalicious!

HezaChan So adorable!

CoolKidMitch congratz on the show case lady :) I love this costume

Liz Shepherd Congrats for the showcase,

BalthierFlare Awwww my gosh!!! Roll! This is too awesome!


benihime congrats on the showcase!!! you completely deserve it!

Hee-Hee HURRAY! Congrats, o' twin of mine! You're definitely the best Roll out there!!