Lala Deviluke

To Love-Ru



This costume took FOREVER!!! and it was my first cosplay. I gave up on it 4 times before I finally decided to just finish it. There was a lot os sweat and tears (more tears than anything) when i made this costume. The outfit was very hot (spandex+cotton=not fun), sort of uncomfortable (i could barely bend my arms =/), my boobs hurt since they were stuffed.... with socks =/ but overall, it was fun to wear. It was really funny when i had to walk through doors sideways because my hat was to big =]

Peke was somewhat easy (wings, very hard) but the costume was a overall succes even tho it was done in 3 TERRIFYING weeks

*Ill be taking more pics... without the wig tho because i got tangled BEYOND repair =/


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Created 11 years ago
Series To Love-Ru
Character Lala Deviluke
Variant Battle? outfit


mayacat this is amazing! I'm definitely going to use these as references photos as I make mine. But do you have any tips on making the hat?

MelanoMeru Your costume was amazing when I saw you last year. I was happy to see other series like To love Ru and Fate stay night. Hope I see you at Jacon or Metro again this time around. :]

Trainer_Austin You did such a good job! :3

kikuyo I saw you at Metrocon last year! And I took your picture with Zelos, Sheena and the dude from Bleach. I'm planning on being Emil when I go to MEgacon this year so I hope to try to go to Metrocon as him too. Hope to see you there. Kikuyo~