Rinoa Heartilly

Final Fantasy VIII



My birthday is the day after Christmas, so I thought it'd be fun to dress as a Christmas version of Rinoa for the occasion. ^^

Wig: SOON TO BE REPLACED. The wig in the current photos is my slightly restyled Tifa wig. I'm getting a better one, soon. ^^;;

Halo: I made a circle from florist's wire, then wound a strip of cotton batting around it, securing it with fabric glue. I then glued feathers onto that base.

Hoodie: I bought the hoodie at a thrift store, then made alterations. I added the fur trim around the hood, and replaced the zipper pull with a silver feather.

Wings: I bought the clip-on plushie wings in the Artist's Alley of a convention. ^^ I never thought I'd wind up using them in cosplay, but they were perfect for the job. ^^

Necklace: I replaced the rings with jingle bells. ^^ I had the chain leftover from Lucrecia's jewelry.

Long-sleeved Shirt: From my closet. Velvet just seemed right. ^^;;

Skirt: Bought from a thrift store and altered. I opened it in front, replaced the buttons, and added the black ribbons. There are three silver buttons, just like Rinoa's in-game skirt, though not all of them show.

Leggings: The "leggings" are actually in two parts. xD I bought leggings on E-bay, but they were shear when they arrived... So, I put those on, then wore biker shorts over them. Thankfully, it doesn't show in my photos. =D I have normal ones, now. :)

Boots: From my closet.

Angelo: A stuffed dog I've had since I was a kid. ^^;; I removed the tail, sewed down the ears, and added a jingle-bell "collar".


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Kazephyr Thank you! ^_^

Fong What a great idea!