The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



My first cosplay made with some precious help from my parents and friends, since the patterns on the suit had to be painted on with me in it.

The suit is made of black and white jersey, because I didn't want the material to shine like it would've if I'd used the material as gymnastic outfits. The glowing patterns are painted with fabric paint you can get from any craftstore.. The white pattern is sewed as one piece, and the actual suit has three pieces, one front and two back pieces. The suit closes with a zipper.

The headpiece is made of resin with a carboard mold and it weighs two kilos. I would've wanted to actually carve the patterns on it, but there was no time before the con, plus I'm not sure if it'd work since the plasticlayer is quite thin.

Edit: 2/09
The headpiece has now been made hollow of the cardboard so it's much lighter, plus I've actually carved the patterns on it :3 I try to make a photoshoot some day with it.

On the first day(all pictures were taken) my white face paint looked awful, since I didn't have anything but a brush with me, but the next day I managed to improvise a 'pillow' to aply it so was a lot smoother and covering.

All in all for my first cosplay I'm quite pleased eventhough it has some flaws that still bother me ^^ There is most likely more photos conimg as I will wear it for another convention for a proper photoshoot.


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Midna
Variant Imp version


StarGazer Dante Awesome! before reading the description i thought: "God..that hat must he heavy". I'm just working on my first aswell, and this gives me hope. I'm doing a 'dark' version of Fierce Deity Link. I just friggin' love that hat!

Enny Wow, I saw this on dA! Your costume is amazing. =)