Bee Girl

Range Murata (artwork)



I can't even describe how fun it is to wear those shorts! They are pieced together in different strips of black and yellow fabric... and I was really anal about all the seams matching up so they all do! They are booty shorts but them being ridiculously high waited distract you from there shortness. I also made the shoes, hand sewing through rubber =/= fun. Everything is lined BLAH BLAH. It was also my first time making a hat, I’m still baffled by hats but I’m happy with this one :D. So all that’s left to say is “BZZZZZZZZZZZZ”


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Created 12 years ago
Series Range Murata (artwork)
Character Bee Girl


juujuu_pop Have no idea who this character is, but this is an adorable costume!

teh_nes heeeyy fellow Bee! I must check out the rest of your costumes :D oh, I probably seem weird: I was Bumblebee at Polaris :P