Zelda:Twilight Princess



Hand made, lots of labor of love into this outfit, and want to get it just right. Headpieces are sculpey, modeling wire. Paints are pearlescent fabric paints. Every part of the costume is now on around version 2.0 or greater. This year I remade the skirt and cloak and hand dyed (NOT Sharpie) a new wig with blonde/pale orange tips. The inside of the new cloak is satin, and more accurately reflects the character. The design on the back of the new cloak is more accurate and cleaner, and partially machine embroidered. I'm 99% happy with it as is, but I would still love to go back and figure out how to make the inside of the cloak, arm inlays and leg design glow.

If it wasn't clear before, this was my first real, dedicated cosplay. I've done other costumes in the past, but none with as much effort and money has this one had put into it. I adore being Midna, and perfecting the look and accessories :)


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Series Zelda:Twilight Princess
Character Midna


Liliana Wow! You are Midna in the flesh! This is amazing!!! And the amount of details in your cosplay is so beautifully done. Excellent work on everything!! *O*

Narakusensei I must say this is fantastic!

RamenMage Very Awesome Midna Cosplay, :D I'm working on Midna But i don't know which Brand of Body Paint to use ^^;;

carladawn Very beautiful!

Erdbeerkuchen Wow! Awesome Midna! <3~ You fit really fit perfect *_*

ros1908 Gorgeous! I hope to be able to create such detailed masterpieces one day!

HimeZelda Love it =)

PrinzessinZelda Thanks for your comment n_n You look amazing too n_n I love your details

BalthierFlare Like everyone else said, the details are amazing! :) Very well-made! ^^

Haven Your Midna cosplay is just so awesome! And the details are great! Sugoi!

Dante s&lt;3 very nice ^_^

Blueoriontiger Halloo, I have found you. :D

Savany Hey, thanks for your comment!^.^ Thats just a usual facepaint, made up with water. But I didn't really like it, because it came off very soon, particularly under the nose and the eyes..>.< I have to find something better for the next time!^^° Wow, I love your Midna- Cosplay!*.* Looks like a lot of work! O.o

ShadowInverse Haha thanks for the tip ^^ I've noticed alot of people using the glow wire, so I used a metallic teal craft paint with a glow in the dark overlay. It's less complicated lol

ShadowInverse Lovely job!

Fluffydragon84 Thank you for commenting : ). It still needs more work, and I've got my new wig and waiting on paints.. thanks for stopping by to look : )

Tenshi Musouka The detail you put into this is incredible.

Mohmoh wow, one can see how much effort you've put into your costume. It came out very well. Great job!