Luka Megurine

Vocaloid 2



um...this was a closet cosplay maybe not a cosplay at all xD the song is stuck in my head and er..I had the urge to do this &gt;..<

White shirt: found inside very old bag...altered it a bit to look like that (yea kidna crappy ;))

Jean shorts: in my closet lols

Shoes: in my closet too xD

Leggings( or whatever you call them): in me closet

It was fun doing the odango bun to the wig...wasn't as hard as I thought ^^
I added the wings just for the fun of it @ v @


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Last Updated 10 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Vocaloid 2
Character Luka Megurine
Variant Just Be Friend Casual


raging cookie You did the cosplay perfectly!

PunkRockPanic Your Luka is so cute~

Solemonias Thanks alot! How come i can pm you? (and yea, not even i could resist that pic)

Solemonias I absolutley loved that mv, soooo sad and cute. Good job!

rima-touya cute!!