Psiren - The Phantom Thief

Fullmetal Alchemist

@Eau de Decus


Psiren was an odd choice for me. I remember when we decided to do an outfit from FMA and our group had originally decided to all go with military outfits, mostly for the idea that having several military uniforms would be amazing. I jokingly mentioned that I would love to go as Psiren, except, well, she is a women and I am clearly not. My sister had already crossplayed at this point, but the idea of a guy crossplaying as a girl seemed very strange. I did it anyway, thinking this was a bad idea the whole way through.

Now, I wasn't the most confident person in the world at the time, but I decided to give it a shot anyway and see what would happen, having no experience in crossplaying, makeup, or any real idea in how to pass as female. Long story short, I've learned a lot since those days and fell in love with crossplaying. I almost do it exclusively, but every now and again I pick a male character to cosplay as, but those times are rare.


@Eau de Decus
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Character Psiren - The Phantom Thief


Smelly Bugatti Fan-tastic, my favorite character well played