Pokemon (Gijinka)



I was worried at first since I never made an outfit I designed myself (and not to mention my first female cosplay ha ha) D": but in the end, I really like this outfit! :) I hope to wear it again!

And yup, I made the wings and tail all by myself :) Glued every single feather one by one ha ha


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Series Pokemon (Gijinka)
Character Articuno
Variant Gijinka


Rokusanu I'm wondering what you you used for the wings, wire or chicken gauge? I'm making angels wings, but I don't know what method's best :(

Ninbri This seriously is one of the best!

Seority One of the best Pokemon Gijinka's I've seen, bravo!

Hopie You are SO beautiful!!! I love how you designed this, it's breath-taking. :)

KyasarinUriruzu The wig is so gorgeous and very Articuno-like! Well... everything is just awesome!

Zombiehound Amazing! I wish I could see the cosplay in person. How in the world did you make the wings, they're gorgeous!

Graceasaur You are /amazing/. Wow. Faved.

hotwater219 You guys did an AMAZING job! Looks awesome!

Pink Marshmello These have to be the most beautiful Pokemon cosplays I've ever seen! I love the idea of the 3 birds.

Hateshinai I love this costume so much! You did such a fantastic job. ^^

Foxbar Articuno is my favorite pokemon! I love the legendary birds, your group at Anime North was so so awesome!

LuNarr Beautiful~ You should be so proud of this. It's gorgeous. The intricate details, and all the fabric. *o* The jewelry is lovely. Adds a nice touch to it... Your wig looks fantastic also. Wonderful job! ;;

Chibi_Mony ah thank you guys!! We all work pretty hard on our outfits! <3 I'm happy you guys like them! I made the tail using chicken wire, material and feathers! :)

DeathOfSoul Amazing!!! I love the wings! All of you did a great job <3

Emberfangh W-o-W!! I'm making a Articuno Fullsuit, just curious on how you did the tail??

iiChin-chan This has to be the most outstanding legendary birds trio gijinkas I have seen so far. The details are amazing and by the looks of the outfits I can imagine the three of you spent a lot of time working on each part of your outfits. The outfits are absolutely gorgeous, and the pictures are amazing. Good job, to all three of you.

Shigatsu-Neko <3 your so beautiful you did an excilent job!<3 I have a few pictures of you if you like them.

Mahato Shey-Kun You guys did an absolutely incredible job. I guarantee you if you had the patience for the masquerade you would have won it, hands down. You three are like... those girls you find in EVERY album EVERWHERE. Be proud, you were all stunning, intricate, and most importantly: balanced. Each on of you was brilliant in a slightly different way, so I felt no one overpowered the others. It shows in your pictures, so again great work! You've got QUITE the order to top for next time, but I'm sure you can do it!

MDA I kinda now want to remake my Articuno and give it more feathers... but I still love how it turned out. I loved seeing your gijinka of it. I asked you guys for a pic, butt I couldn't find my camera in my bag D8