Tsuzuki Asato

Descendants of Darkness



I threw this together to cosplay with a friend, suzume tori...who was Hisoka. We were going to have a Muraki...but she backed out and spend the money on a different costume instead. =.=

So even though this is a total closet cosplay, I was able to get some things that I know I'll enjoy and use...like the trench coat and purple contacts. <3 I also used my real hair...but if my funds are doing well I may splurge on a wig to use...since the people at the hair place just don't get it. &gt;.<

Edit: Got myself a wig! It's a Fashion 101 from amphigory in dark brown...I actually got it for a different costume but ended up using it for this one intead. XD


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Series Descendants of Darkness
Character Tsuzuki Asato


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