Teen Titans

@Lilith Oya
Before this costume, everything I had done was small. This was my first huge project. Making the dress was hard because I couldn't find blue spandex and had to deal with a non-stretch material. I had to install a zipper and tighten it more so with safety pins. The cloak was just difficult cause there was so much slinky material that was just everwhere anytime I cut. The silver disks were made from cardboard ornaments from Michael's that were painted and velcroed on. Because of some complications at the bridal store I went to, my gloves didn't come in for I-Con, so I had to wait to wear the completed costume for the following Big Apple Con. Had to alter the gloves to remove some fingers. Oh yea, and I got the little jewel to stay on with double sided tape. XD

I have since remade the dress and hood. Next I plan on adding black lining to the cloak. I'll add updated pictures soon!
@Lilith Oya
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