Adachi Momo

Peach Girl



So I love Peach Girl and one day I was thinking to myself "Hey. I'm kinda tan. I'm feisty. I'm more innocent than I look. I really want that wig. I'm gonna cosplay Momo!" And then I DID. But not before I told Velvy, who was all "OOH, I'M GONNA BE YOUR SAE." Despite how simple it was to make, this was actually also one of the HARDEST costumes I've EVER done as far as materials go. It is next to IMPOSSIBLE to find light blue and dark blue plaid fabric, so I ended up going with light blue with brown stripes and just PAINTED the stripes blue. Then there was the sweater vest. It is SO hard to find a royal blue sweater vest. Pretty much impossible. When I DID find one, it was too light of a blue, but I ordered them anyway for Velv and myself and just dyed them the right shade. I also bought about 3 pairs of knee-length navy blue socks before I found the right ones in California. XD Who knew?


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Series Peach Girl
Character Adachi Momo
Variant school uniform


chichi1234 Ok , nice cosplay and I LOVE PEACHGIRL!! But question.... IS THAT JENNA HAZE ON THAT PICTURE??

Simulation One OMG! The best Momo EVER! *___*

Yuni_Adachi OMG, you're a fabolous Momo *0* I love her so much, and Ulala too! And you cosplayed both! You're awesome ^^<3

tamahomegurl I hardly ever see a MOMO!!!! rule and Sae sucks!! :D

MichikoAkaYuki Hi, I'm new to cosplay and I LOVE Peach girl. Momo is my rolemodel. I was wondering if you could help me out with the costume? Any advice? Oh! And could you tell me where you found her awesome shoes? Thank you so much! [email protected]