Utena Tenjou

Revolutionary Girl Utena



I made this out of the wrong type of fabric! I don't know why I choose the fabric I did for the jacket but it itched so bad! I think I'll just wear it when its a little colder outside (not like it gets any colder in Miami). The jacket isn't as fitted as I'd like it to be but then again if it was tighter it would be even more itchy :P

The buttons are false buttons, there's a zipper on the front which holds everything together. For the skirt I used almost the exact same pattern as for my Mew Ichigo skirt (and I'm using it yet again for my upcoming Chii cosplay).

Check it out, the dangle things on the eppaulettes are adjustable length-wise. I thought "Utena's eppaulettes are different in every freakin' reference picture!! So why don't I just make then adjustable?" and my shoulder spiders were born!

I bought a wooden "pirate" style sword and then made the handle from paperclay and painted the awesome Sword of Dios. i used real leather for the grip and wrapped it in gold wire ribbon. There's a tidbit of electrical tape on the inside.

I traded my Sword of Dios for a Paine wig styling, so if I ever want to do this again I'll have to go either sans sword or make a new one, but I know my sword is going to a good home.

I bought my wig from zhenna0036 on eBay, I get all my wigs there, and they rock.


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Series Revolutionary Girl Utena
Character Utena Tenjou
Variant Black Duelist


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