Dark Link

The Legend of Zelda



This should techinically be Femme! Dark Link since I didn't bind my chest, not to mention that the tunic is very very short. But, ah well...I'm happy with how the costume turned out for the most part. I like the shoulder belt the best, since all the padding and stuff is detachable.

The shield is made out of Foam Core (of the black and white varieties), then was cut and spraypainted to look all nifty. The rivets were done using silver fabric paint. On the back, the arm handle thingies, whose names I do not know so will continue to be called "arm handle thingies", were two strips of leather of varying lenths, that were then sewn inside out, creating tubes. These tubes were then turned right side out, then stuffed with, get this, stuffing. Finally they were attached with some sort of glue.


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Series The Legend of Zelda
Character Dark Link
Variant Orcarina of Time


Bunnjamin very cool, i've always loved link, but not like in a gay way, but i guess if link looked like you...i'd change my mind. comment my sandwraith! mlar latrix