Ion as Jade Curtiss

Jade Curtiss

Tales of the Abyss

Cosplayer: Ion
Materials chosen were based off of what I saw other people making their costumes from. This was not exactly the best way to go about things because I ended up using some ridiculous materials that really did not work out to look the best. Now I know.

Version 1: Made of random unidentifiable heavy cotton found on sale at Joanns, lamé, and vinyl for the belt. Velcro closures for the jacket = bad idea. I ended up pinning the jacket closed. This version was retired and sold to another user.

Version 2: Made from twill, vinyl trim , liquid lamé gold, and vinyl for the belt. Both the shirt and jacket are fully lined because it seemed like a fancy thing to do.

I am currently making a leather belt with a real pacman buckle though.

For Jade's pants, I used a pair of black running pants I owned as there was no sense making pieces I already own.

Jade's hair is different in every reference picture. I based my wig color off of the One Coin Figures. Blondes have more fun anyway. So there. His hair isn't orange or brown.

And...finally, a costume I can wear with my glasses, which are even the right shape. Definite bonus! I wore my Create Eyewear Red Wolf lenses with this costume and got many compliments on them. I definitely recommend these lenses if you want a non-cartoony red.