Darcia (Vers. 2)

Wolf's Rain



I wanted to redo my earlier version of Darcia, because I was simply not happy with my coat. So I scrapped it and decided to make another coat, and I also redid the wig as well. Fixed it up for AX 2007 since it had been sitting since Japan Expo


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Series Wolf's Rain
Character Darcia (Vers. 2)
Variant Version 2


Azreale if you go to fanime next year PLEASE come to my WR gathering! you'd be amazing!!! best darcia ever! (i'll be lady jaguara)

Josh "Kiba" I love this Costume. it is absolutely amazing. You did an awesome job. One of the only Wolf's Rain characters that actually has a complicated wardrobe...hehe

simonsaz3 OMG you are amazing for posting up your progress pictures-- I was wondering how to go about with the details of this cosplay. Thank you so much for that, and honestly, in the end your Darcia turned out sooooo amazing-- great job!! =)

xparnex I had a quick question for you on your Darcia cosplay getup. I am thinking about attempting this but did you make the mask or did you just straight up buy it and alter it from there? -Thanks