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Hard costume was HARD. D:


@Jaina Solo
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Series Final Fantasy XII
Character Fran


jessicamx Is-that is for sale? , because i want it *-*

KittySkull Ms. Jaina Solo, Let me start off by saying you looking amazing as Fran! So gorgeous. I l o v e d all the detail you put into that costume. I've always wanted to cosplay as Fran but have no sewing skills and I wanted to know if you were selling your costume or know anyone who is selling a well designed Fran costume. Thank you so much for your time Ms. Solo. KittySkull

supercheeky Hi there! Your Fran costume is AMAZING! I was planning on making a Fran costume to Cosplay at a convention that is coming up in my city. I had a few questions if you didn't mind and had the time to answer them that would be greatly appreciated! Fist of all, how long did it take you? Was it a hard costume. It will only be my second Cosplay so I'm thinking I may have bitten off more than i can chew lol! You said you used craft foam and wonderflex and snaps to secure the armour? Just wondering what exactly that means and if you could go into the process in a bit more detail that would be awesome! Also, what is craft foam and wonderflex. I live in Australia and I am thinking maybe we call it something different over here. Where should I start to look to find all the things needed? Thank you so much for your time! PS: I tried sending this in a private message but it said your inbox was full XD

jounink I saw this pic for the first time about 1 year ago before I started cosplaying. So naturally when I did start, in March 09, I was greatly inspired by your pics to make a fran cosplay of my own. I've seen a lot of Fran's but yours is THE BEST. Im taking a risk creating Fran an my 2nd cosplay, but I hope im able to do yours justice. XD

Meru chan You ARE FRAN! [2]

Chocobo chic You ARE FRAN!

Shadow7 This is now one of my favorite cosplays ever!! You did an amazing job :) The only thing is, I would love to see a photo of your cosplay that is full-body and facing front :)

Kirina.~ Great Fran! I wish I could work so well with foam ;_;.

RoadToDawn Hope you dont mind me saying but this costume is just _hot_ and you totally pull it off XD Fran is gorgeous and you do a great impression :)

[Radymon] this is soo awesome *O*

Lostkingdom your armor-making abilities blow me away.

BalthierFlare Looks awesome! And very...comfortable...

lunaishtar Perfect!

Gamer_Gurl I have to say, this has to be one of the most AMAZING Fran costumes I have seen so far! I wanted to cosplay as Fran in October, but I'm a new cosplayer and so I need to get started NOW! I was just wondering, how did you make the raised details in her armor? Did you just glue another piece of craft foam over the base in the design shape? I have seen MANY ways to make the "raised" look, so I am trying to find the best (and prefferebly the cheapest) way to do it. Absoulutly ADORE your costume!

lightyagaminote you are soooo amazing! your a perfect Fran! sooooo beautiful!!!!! keep cosplaying! your awesome! ^_^