Hiroko Asahina


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So this is my second Cosplay from the great Anime RahXephon, Hiroko Asahina :) She's really a nice girl, and she and Ayato would have made such a CUTE couple, and as I love Ayato I just had to cosplay her ;p Her outfit is quite cute, too, although I'm not a fan of pink. I actually wanted to make her white sweater, too, but I couldn't finish it in time. But I will finish it soon and then make photos with it ^^
Unfortunately I don't really think it suits me, because her hairstyle looks strange and I'm not the pink and cute type, so I was feeling a little uncomfortable. But still I knew from the beginning that the hairstyle looks strange and that pink is not my color, anyhow I really really wanted to cosplay as Asahina ;D
I wore this Cosplay on Saturday at the Bookfair in Leipzig 2010.


@celestial Ceres
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Character Hiroko Asahina


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