Kaylee Frye (Shindig dress)


This costume took a lot of time and a lot of work to make. Much trial and error.
Hoop skirt was bought online. One of the largest ones I was able to find that looks as close to the shape from the one in the show. I had to remove two of the top hoops in order to give it a better shape and that made a huge difference!

All the ruffles, including the pettiskirt, are hand pleated. The pettiskirt...next time I'll just buy a ruffles pettiskirt! It took entirely too much time to hand pleat all those ruffles. So I'll probably just buy a pleated pettiskirt to save me the trouble next time I wear it. But I must say the extra ruffled layer added a nice bit of bounce and fullness to the dress.

No dyeing needed, thank goodness. Lots of shopping around for just the right colors and fabrics. All the skirt fabric was colored chiffon ended up being bought from Denver Fabrics. Just took a lot of time and buying to find just the right colors I wanted. I was very picky as to which colors I wanted and it took a lot of time, but well worth it in the end.

The top took the most work to figure out, but I think it's my favorite part. It looks exactly as I wanted. The only changes I would make would probably be to add more pink dots to the bodice. And I was VERY happy when I only had to make the sleeves once. I still don't know they turned out so well and matched in size and shape, because me + poofy sleeves aren't usually a good pair.

Overall I'm very pleased with how well the dress turned out. Everyone seemed to like it. I'm so glad it's finished. The skirt needs to be completely redone in the future. It was just way too low to the ground and got quite beat up.
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Series Firefly
Character Kaylee Frye (Shindig dress)

Mohmoh wow, amazing. Why didn't you use a ruffle foot to make all those ruffles? I would gone crazy by making this hug amount of ruffles by hand.

GoldfishGirl Looks good! I can't wait to see more pictures.