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Hell Girl



Knowing me and my friends we couldn't weather or not we would go to Fanexpo. Fianlly about a month before Fanexpo we decide we would go.

Having only a month before the convection I decide what cosplay I would want to do. Since the week before I had my hair cut like Enma Ai, I decide I would cosplay her. Knowing me I wanted to do the harder version her kimono but it turn out it would be too hard so I stuck with her regular version.

THe cosplay it self didn't take long at all. Me and my friend were able to finsih within day. The straw doll was made from drinking straws and painted with black paint. The stockings were brought from the Dollar Store. Overall this probably the most simpleiest costume I had yet.

I wore this to Fanexpo 2010 and had a good time there (expect the crowds and stuff:P) and really enjoy wearing thid costume with the straw doll! (I got to send people tp hell! Muahahaha). Hopefully in the future I'll be able to do her kimono version


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Series Hell Girl
Character Enma Ai


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