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Where to even begin. @[email protected]

Head: I made it with a yard of 1/2" upholstery foam, according to Matrices' tutorial. The eyes are "Carousel Horse" taxidermy eyes, and their backing is black nylon (to see through). The nose I found on E-bay; they're used in plushie-making. =3

Main Body: 2" fur. I started with McCalls MP232, which was a mess. It was crazy baggy, and the crotch was way too low. Good thing I made a mock-up first.

I made the fitting adjustments on the broadcloth mockup, took it apart, then traced the pieces onto the back of the fur. I cut those pieces out (with a carpet knife), sewed them up, and found there were STILL fitting problems. So, I took in seams, made darts, etc. until it fit. XD I also patched in white fur where necessary.

For the legs, I used Matrices' digitigrade tutorial, changing the shapes as needed

Mane: 3" fur. I made the pattern myself. It's done pillow-style in front, with a thin layer of stuffing inside for volume. It closes with hook-and-eyes at one shoulder.

Purple Markings: Purple velour. Patterns by me. They're hot-glued on, and I parted the fur around them for a more blended look.

Claws: I made them out of Sculpey, painted them with acrylics, and hot-glued them on (it helps a lot with the feet if you cut the fur short where you're going to glue).

Armwarmers: Purple lycra. The tops stand up because of the way they're cut and because of the 1/2" upholstery foam inserts. The yin-yang patches I had custom made, as I couldn't find accurate ones (the ones I found in the right size were mirror images of what I needed).

Tail: I made my own pattern. Using Matrices' idea, I attached elastic to the top of it (where it meets the suit), and then put it through a small opening in the back of the suit, looping it onto a belt I wear inside.

Feet: I started with some absolutely hideous canvas shoes I found at Wal-mart for $3. XD I removed the laces and glued the tongues to the tops of the shoes. Then, I cut up an upholstery-foam pillow insert, glued chunks of foam onto the shoes, covering them almost entirely, and used a pair of scissors to whittle them to the correct shape. From there, I just took some mock-up fabric and wrapped it in different ways around the foam base until I discovered the pattern shapes I'd need. I cut those shapes out of the fur, then glued the pieces to the upholstery foam. White fun foam is glued to the soles of the shoes for a bit more accuracy.


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dalbkino Awesome!! You're Renamon looks great!

KibaWerewolf Love how it looks did a great job =o