Princess Tutu (Swan Lake)

Princess Tutu



I've wanted to cosplay as Princess Tutu ever since I saw the anime. It has become one of top five favorite animes ever! Anyway, I absolutely love ballet! I've had ten years worth of ballet experience and I hadn't done it in sooooo long so I knew I just had to do this.
Well, here goes nothing! ^__^
Oh! And special thanks goes to my BFF LadyMatsuya for making my costume. Ur super special awesome!


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Series Princess Tutu
Character Princess Tutu (Swan Lake)


NiGHTmaren Your 'Odette' Princess Tutu cosplay is amazing!

*Mia* Lovely!!!! You look sooo beautiful and ballet is magic *-*

LordMoufMouf You should post more pictures of this one! I would love to see it!!