Sakurada Miwako

Paradise Kiss



This started out being based on one of Miwako's outfits in the anime but ended up just being loosely based on it. First I couldn't find a good matching stretch plaid fabric for the socks so I went with this polka-dot fabric instead since I thought it matched and worked well for Miwako's style. Then due to not having enough time, I didn't get the chance to make the proper undershirt or the blue skirt accurate. So I just wore the top that I modified for my Halloween costume and it worked out pretty well.
If I were to wear this again I definitely want to remake both of the skirts so they actually cover the petticoat properly but I don't think I'll have a convention to wear it to again. But I love the wig and the shoes are way comfortable so I'd like to cosplay another version of Miwako someday if I get the chance!


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Created 11 years ago
Series Paradise Kiss
Character Sakurada Miwako
Variant Anime


Narnian Very cute! I love this outfit of hers!

Cupcake Disko I love Miwako! She was my favorite character from the whole series! Very cute cosplay!