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I know Hellsing has been well done to the point of being burnt. However as one of my favorite anime series I plan on doing it justice.

I am not a fan of the hat. It should only be worn with short hair.

Hair: 25" Long/Black/Layered.
I'll have Red contacts. I just purchased the round red glasses as well as the leather protectors.
Makeup is undecided.

Coat: Deep Red. Not as dark as I'd have liked but that would have cost $130 for the fabric on the coat alone. I needed to be realistic, maybe next time I'll do the darker fabric I really wanted. The coat will be outlined as in the Manga but I haven't decided on the shade of thread for that project. The sleeves will have flat silver buttons, between 5-7 in the Manga, so depending on the length of my arm. I have plans to make the rippled effect on the shoulder fabric. The "skirt" is going to be very full bodied to help give a billowed effect and I have more ideas how to create the illusion that plain fabric alone would not create. I don't want to look like a droopy red tent.

Suit: Is going to be black, buttoning from right to left as is custom in the Manga and on a typical man's jacket. So I'll have to reverse my pattern since I'm female. The buttons will continue to be silver to match the coat. The pants I plan on buying later and changing the length of the legs to capri with a simple button closure. I don't need the pant legs to bunch inside my boots.

Boots: I originally purchased very goth black boots, but have later decided to go with classic equestrian black dress boots.

Accessories: The glasses have yet to be decided. Because no guns could be commissioned due to non response of the advertisers, I decided to make my own. They look awesome. The neck tie will be made of red silk. The white dress shirt with the correct collar is going to be made into a dickie so it's not so hot to wear all this. The gloves are being made by me, however I'm going to send them to a friend with a embroidery company to put on the symbols. I personally feel the iron on's are too small and I want really good quality replica's. Teeth I already have and thankfully they aren't gawdy.


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