Maryweather Hargreaves

Count Cain



I love this manga, and it was a lot of fun to cosplay with my Cain! Even if I was mistaken for Alice a lot of the time ... the people who did recognize us were HARD. CORE. AWESOME.

This petticoat makes me happy. :3


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Series Count Cain
Character Maryweather Hargreaves


puddles145 i luv ur cosplay its soo cute and really accurate now all u need is an oscar to argue with XD

puddles145 awesome cosplay!!!!i love godchild and cain but maryweather as well<3 its rlly cute!

Hydraskylar yeah, I understand why you could have been mistaken for Alice. The manga itself is underrated, IMO. Anyway, you make an adorable Maryweather ^_^

Melfina Wow, thanks! I didn't even realize I got a showcase until ... just now. :o Pleasant surprise, much!

Bur Loire OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your showcase! Your Maryweather is FANTASTIC! Makes me wanna cosplay from God Child too! *o*

Darksilverhawk This is so cute! *.* Go Godchild!