ZAFT Soldier

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

@Mr. Robot


This was my very first cosplay. Like most of the costumes I regularly use, it was purchased online, given my total and complete lack of sewing talent.

I liked it because, being a generic military uniform used by several characters throughout the show, I am not bound to a single character with it. However, since I avoid wigs when possible and don't want to dye my hair, I'm pretty much stuck as calling myself a generic soldier or as Rusty (The guy who died in the first episode whom I'm surprised I know the name of).

I still wear it as I try to do with all of my cosplays. The only change that's been made since getting it is the boots. Originally, I tried spray painting hunting boots, which cracked and didn't work well at all. After that, I got large industrial rain boots. Inaccurate, but at least they were white. Finally, I managed to find some white gogo boots with a short enough heel to acceptably fit the way ZAFT boots are. For the detail on the boots I used black electricians tape to add the stripe on front and color in the heel.


@Mr. Robot
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Series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
Character ZAFT Soldier
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AngelStarAvalon Your hair style reminds me of Nicol and the lighting makes your hair take on a green shade