Harold Belserius

Tales of Destiny 2



This game does NOT get enough love - IMHO, it's the best Tales of game. I guess partly because it's a romantic Tales game, and the characters and the designs are so cute, colorful, and/or interesting. I love Harold, not only because of her awesome fashion sense and the colors in her attire, but as a character she's pretty amazing - plus, I love a girl who is smart and has spunk. The outfit gives me the opportunity to use fabrics that are normally too gaudy and extravagent, and the colors her outfit consists of are my fave colors, so I really just love the whole effect and the idea of constructing and wearing this costume. Sometimes I feel it's a bit too much even for me, since the fabric is so shiney and the elements so outrageous, but then again I went into this costume knowing these things and it was a major factor in wanting to make this costume.

I ended up having to draft a lot of my own patterns and make mock-ups so I could make sure to figure out the fit and make the strange proportions work for the garments. This was definitely one of the hardest costumes I've ever made in terms of making it work off paper, as the character has long twig legs, a short torso, and the outfit itself is fairly outrageous and atypical. I ended up fussing a lot over this costume for some reason.


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Series Tales of Destiny 2
Character Harold Belserius


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