Summoner Yuna

Final Fantasy X



I've wanted to remake my Summoner Yuna costume for a long while now and I'm finally getting the chance to do it!

I remade the generic summoning staff with some legit plastic piping, mixed paints to get the best matches to the colors as I could hooked on silver bells and tassels and everything. It took several attempts to figure out the best material to use for the gold head of the staff, and I'm still not 100% happy with the way it turned out, but it's a HUGE improvement from my first one. I used black illustration board and hand drew on the pattern, cut it out as carefully as I could and spray painted it gold - it held up well, but the board tore a little in certain places. I thought about using real wood, but I don't have the resources of it right now. Maybe next time C:

I used a lovely yellow polyester blend for the obi and purchased a yellow pre-tied butterfly bow that matched my fabric splendidly. I hand painted the vine pattern on the bow with fabric pens and will do the same for the pattern on the obi C:

For the skirt I found this great navy blue blend that hung really well. I've got the skirt made and pleated with inverted pleats at the front and everything! I'm super proud of it C: I'll use the same fabric pens from the bow and obi to draw on the floral pattern.

I found an ivory cotton blend that stretched really nice that I've used for the sleeves. The dying process was a little tricky... the fabric soaked in the dye so well it was hard to get a gradated feel to it so I mixed colors around to get the effect I wanted using mauve, bright pink, and wine dyes for the different shades. They came out great! I love them! The fabric stretches really nice so they fit my arms perfectly, unlike the last pair I made the first time around which had to be a little on the tight side to stay up on my arms - uuuuncomfortable after 3 days.

The white top will be made out of a white polyester that drapes really well and will be stitched into the proper shape. I might end up making it into 2 separate pieces and attach the bottom to the obi so it doesn't ever shift around during the day.

I've got my boots and the a black bra that I've adjusted to fit the costume and all of my jewelry complete. I purchased a replica of Yuna's necklace and pinky ring as well as a silver bracelet with slightly staggered links and a silver ring for left middle finger.

I made each of the earrings myself with variously sized wooden beads, a light blue tassel I found at the fabric store, and *drum roll please* a STRAW! :D Worked so much better compared to the heavy sculpy pieces I made the first go around.

The Hibiscus obi accessory was made from white paper foam that I painted. The beads that hang from it are made from the same wooden beads as the earrings and also long starws C: The tassels at the end are the same as the earring as well. The flower and beads will be attached to the double rose cording that goes around the center of the obi, which will be stitched on by hand.

I can't wait to show this off at Animazement '09


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EnigmaSphinx I loved reading your information on how you made the components of your costume. I think you're fantastic and very skilled. Good luck with finishing your costumes and I look forward to more pictures :-)