i did this costume in one night!!
Started at 6pm an ended at 4am.

it was a stressfull situation, i almost gave up, but since i love pocahontas so much, my mom agreed to help me at the last minute.

i used two collor of suede fabric since i think would suit better for a native american.

Guess leather and suede were good choices because i could only cut the fringe without any trouble with trimming

I didn't wanted to use zippers nor that many sewn lines apears.
So i did a back lace like a corset. (think an native would do that for a thight fitting)

I made the belt of leather and sewn it in the dress because i'm always forgetting things.

The wig i already have unstyled.


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Series Pocahontas
Character Pocahontas
Variant Disney's movie


Selina You must get her necklace! You're amazing Pocahontas!

Elika_88 Hey, you have a perfect body for this costume. you are a beuty pochahontas^^

Zymod Wow! One night! If i tried that i'd not only die, but i would also fail. (i actually did once for my harley quinn costume....oops)

Bunnjamin 40 costumes? you sure keep busy...sorry i should have said 40 AWESOME costumes. comment my sandwraith! mlar latrix

littlestar300a Wow that is great could you please tell me how you did it (oh and by the way you put the tattoo on the wrong arm)