Padmé Amidala

Star Wars Series



This costume was difficult. I am mostly happy with how it turned out, except at some point I would like to go back and remake the overshirt because it isn't quite accurate.

I made this on the wrong side of a pale blue satin fabric I found at Joanne's. The entire pattern was custom made, because there werent any patterns that really came close to accurate for the film.

The costume is 6 pieces all together. The Crown with hair extensions, the Long sleeved undershirt, the hooded overshirt, the cape, the skirt, and the boots.

The Crown was made out of metal by my mother, and painted by me. I then added braided, bun hair extensions for the sides.

The undershirt is pretty plain, it is a long sleeved crop top. The overshirt wraps around the undershirt and connects with hooks/eyes to the sides, and has a hood in the back with beads hanging from the tip.

The Cape is an oval shape, with pale silver trim. There are silver patterns stenciled onto the back of the cape as well.

The skirt is full legnth with gores and gathers in the front, it also is lower in the front than it is the rest of the way around. The beads are sewn on by hand, and hang from the center front of the skirt.

The boots I found at Walmart for $10! Score.



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Series Star Wars Series
Character Padmé Amidala
Variant Blue Tattooine Midriff costume


carladawn Gorgeous! I love this cotume a lot.

Mohmoh You look great as Padme. I totally like your costume. Great job!