Songstress Yuna

Final Fantasy X-2



Songstress Yuna was a big deal for me. I was excited enough to take on the challenge, sometime in July or August. I think the most difficult part was the gray skirt. It's really 3 layers, and took many pins (and I got stuck with those pins while my mom pinned it on me) I admit the fabric choice was a bit iffy, but I love it no matter what.

I only have pictures of me singing at the karaoke (I sang real emotion) I didn't place, but one of my friends thought I should, since I was the first and the few who used an auctual karaoke track (not the song, my track only had back-up vocals) xD I powned that song, really, but whatever. I didn't care that I didn't place, I was having too much fun!

All in all, this costume may see another convention soon, depending how others turn out. xD <3


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Songstress Yuna


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