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The Legend of Zelda

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I had my eye on Zelda for a while, more specifically this version because of the nostalgia and the rarety of the cosplay. Focusing on adding the right details to make the costume pop in the real world, I probably had the hardest time chosing fabric. I finally settled with a dark matte purple for the shirt and a shimmery blue for the vest so that the shine wasn't overdone. I combined a sleeveless tunic pattern with the sleeves of a renaissance style dress for the shirt and obmitted half of the directions on a denim bolero. For trim I chose 2 types of black embroidery to don the collar, the sleeve edges, and the puffs of the sleeves. An embroidered knot was the closure on the shirt's front. Blue and gold ribbon and a nice white pearl bead trim was added to the vest. The most gorgeously detailed gold ribbon trim was used as the armbands and handstiched on because since the shirt was already made by then, I couldn't get it through the sewing machine anymore. The pants were white denim dyed pink, but because it came out too dark they had to then sit in a bath of water and bleach till they were the proper color. The belt buckle was a real score. I found the round buckle and the little triangle piece in the same store so all I had to do was glue them together and paint! The tiara I bought and clipped all the stuff off of it. Using 2 colors of blue leather and a silver chain, I made a braid, glued it to the tiara and then added an ornament made out of super sculptee, painted, and adorned with a red jewel. I bought antique-esque red earrings and a belt from JC Pennys, the pouch online, and the thigh high boots in the city(Chinese Laundry brand!). The Stalfos bow was made of super sculptee by my boyfriend, who also handled the ear prothetics.


@Lilith Oya
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cosplay_is_love from the cartoons! and i love that you made her blonde instead of brown haired! you look great! well done!