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Squall continues to be one of my favorite characters in existence, and so I had to do his Kingdom Hearts variant, despite his name being ridiculous (LEON Leonhart?!). &gt;_< Besides, I apparently need to cosplay every angsty brunet in existence, particularly if they wear black leather.
Though I ended up wanting to puke on him by the end, I'm really really proud of tackling this costume. It was a really big challenge for me, and I never would have finished it without help from some awesome people.
I also want to mention that there was sweat AND blood involved in the making of this. AND 70 RIVETS. Not counting the ones I messed up on and needed to replace.
I would really like to redo the belt buckle at some point time, along with getting real leather gloves (ran out of time and $).


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Character Leon


SabienStrange So! I'm stealing your gunblade. Kay? :B You have an excellent base on it, certainly better than my two-second-freaking-out-before-a-con-because-the-dog-ate-it gunblade. >< I noticed your comment on one of the pics of me and Cloud, And I keep my belts up by velcroing them to my pants. And walking very carefully. xD I'd get that really heavy duty velcro, the kind that can hold 30 lbs, because those little fabric pieces are peeling off my pants. ._.