Elika is my first costume.
I love this character!
He is very special. Not many have cosplayed them until now. I love such rare characters.
Alone on the tunic there are so many details. She took alone thirty meters of braid.
Anyhow I will make a better more detailed top. I have been considering whether this time I shall let the connection near the décolleté open like the artwork. But in the game she has a spacer at the chest.
The pant was the biggest problem. She must been sewed once again. It’s difficult to connect the leather with the thin pants fabric in a way that she doesn’t slides down.
At every convention I wore my hair a little bit different because I never found a fitting wig. Sometimes the principle of contingency angers me cos my hair lies to fast down or didn’t want anyway.
Nevertheless Elika is my favorite character.


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Avel You're probably one of the most beautiful Elika out there!

Kungfufish thanks for the comment, you did an awesome job on your Elika!