Red Victory




A little something I put together for a Domain Films project "Harbourfront of Rage". I think it's awful... but hilariously so ^_^

The top is a store-bought t-shirt upon which I added the red corset-style lacing. I keep thinking about tacking the ribbon down but never get around to it, so it actually laces up properly... and needs to be re-done every time I put it on or wash it.
The skirt was made by a designer/artist friend of mine Kat, who works under the label Magdelina.

Belt was an addition from Street Justice, who just happened to have brought it with her that day.

Boots were a thrift store find, and tights and wig are from my costume stash.


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Character Red Victory


supergeekgirl You're just gorgeous, and it's hard to believe you haven't done Penny from Dr. Horrible. :)