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Hahahaaa, this is a costume I never thought I'd do. Hopie and Hee-Hee of Twinzik asked me to do this for their Kingdom Hearts skit and of course I said yes. It was very difficult for me (I'm not a serious cosplayer so my sewing skills are still very MEH) and it had a lot of firsts. First time working with vinyl, first time making 'armour' for myself, first time open-shirt binding, first time body makeup on myself, first time styling a wig by myself. Overall, I'm proud of how it turned out, even if it's not 100% accurate. I took the costume off almost immediately after the contest so I didn't get any good photoshoots in it. Maybe next time?

Oh, fun fact: this costume is made almost entirely of stuff I already owned. I tried to spend as little money as possible making the costume, so I just used what I could find laying around, haha! I'M CHEAP, LEAVE ME ALONE.


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Series Kingdom Hearts
Character Ansem


Hee-Hee It's HANDSOME ANSEM! And I definitely hope you wear it again, even if its a hassle to get on. I loooved it and would thoroughly enjoy more pictures! <3

Silent Chaos You did a very good job on this costume! Kudos! <3