Mato Kuroi

Black Rock Shooter

I'm super proud of this jacket~ o: As you may or may not know, I -never- use patterns because I find them more of a hassle than helpful so usually it takes me a few cautious cuts to get a garment right, but while cutting the fabric for the coat I got it the right size and almost perfectly symmetrical on my first try ;D I was stoked.

The shorts are from my Lenali cosplay because I dont want to have to make more pairs of pants haha, I hate them >u>;;;

I'm pretty satisfied with this outfit, if anything I'd just like to loose a bit more weight, remake the bikini top and actually remember my gloves next time OTL
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Created 8 years ago
Series Black Rock Shooter
Character Mato Kuroi

murasaki-pengin But no one remembered their gloves anyways.