Grell Sutcliffe

Kuroshitsuji 2



Wig purchased on eBay and styled myself.

Glasses were bought and the lenses were popped out. The is made from black, red and clear beads. The skulls are made of sculpy.

Bowtie was a white ribbon with handpainted red stripes. Made of multiple pieces hot glued together to keep it's shape.

White tuxedo shirt and black gloves were purchased. Safety scissors were bought and the handles painted red.

Vest needs to be remade. I realized after the fact that I had cut out the wrong pattern but had no more time or money before the con to fix it. Needs to be elongated.

Black pants are burrowed from my 'Sebastian' cosplay. Jacket was burrowed from my 'Madam Red' cosplay.

Boots were originally black/white ones bought on eBay and were handpainted red.

Teeth were purchased from Dental Distortions.


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Series Kuroshitsuji 2
Character Grell Sutcliffe


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